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Eye Pupil Size Cards

ORC Forensics’ Eye-Dentify™ Cards are a wallet sized reference card for measuring dilated pupils.  The dots on the face of the cards offer a range from 2.0mm to 10.0mm in 1/2mm increments.  The design of these cards places the dots on the outside edges so that you can get each measurement dot as physically close to the offending eye as possible.  We offer the Eye-Dentify™ Cards in three different styles.

The first option is just the standard card, one-sided graphics, which is laminated for durability.  The second style, exactly like the one mentioned before on the front side, adds a handy reference of the “Miranda Rights” on the backside.  A great product for patrol officers, this option is also laminated for durability.  The third version of the Eye-Dentify™ Cards comes on a peel-off-pad with 50 sheets.  The standard front design of millimeter increment dots is present, and on the backside is a form an officer can fill out as a permanent and official record.  Open fields for writing include:  Name, License #, Date, Size (of pupil), and the Officer’s name. 


Each of these products measure approximately 2 1/4” x 3 3/4”, which is close to credit card sized.

Customizations and quantity discounts are available; please contact an ORC Forensics sales associate for more details.

Part Number
Single Eye-Dentify Card, Standard
$2.25 each
Single Eye-Dentify Card with "Miranda Rights" on back side
$2.25 each

Infant Measuring Tape

Functioning as both a high quality ruler and an ideal memento for new parents, ORC Forensics proudly offers our Infant Measuring Tapes.  At the tail end of this ruler, open fields are provided to record the information you will cherish for a lifetime.  Often times it is hospitals that like to buy these tapes, in large quantities, and print private labels on the front end including their location, doctor’s name, or a logo.


Infant Measuring Tapes measure 3/4” wide and 37” (94cm) long, which is plenty of length for even the longest baby.  Tapes read in centimeter graduations, with 1/2cm increments, on the top edge, and inches, with 1/8” increments, on the bottom edge.  The tapes are 8 mils thick on a durable, yet flexible, white plastic (polyethylene) that is soft to the touch and printed with permanent waterproof ink.  A standard ballpoint pen is all you need to write upon this material.  Open fields include: Baby’s name, Birth Date, Time, Weight, Length, and Chest and Head circumferences.  Retain these descriptions on a permanent keepsake, and also as a baby’s first dual reading-edge fractional/metric ruler!

Customizations and private labeling options are available.  A one-time graphic fee of $50 is charged for creating private labels, either in one or two colors.  Look to the pricing chart below to help create a unique quote.  You can even choose to split your order between “pink” and “blue” selections.  ORC can also make other styles and sizes, from the same or a different material.  Please contact a sales associate for more details.

Infant Measuring Tapes come prepackaged in sets of 50 and come in clear poly bags.  Shipment weight is 3/4 lb./100 tapes.  ORC manufactures every tape with 100% of its material made in the USA and are OSHA and RoHS compliant.  MSDS sheets available upon request.

Part Number: IMT-BL030L-PL
One Color
$1.15 each
$0.89 each
$0.68 each
$0.52 each
$0.42 each
$0.38 each
Two Colors
$1.30 each
$1.03 each
$0.80 each
$0.62 each
$0.50 each
$0.44 each

18% Photo Gray Cards


ORC Forensics, constantly striving to present you with the tools for the most accurate measurements, can provide you with 18% Photo Gray Cards for use in forensic photography.  These cards are useful in determining exposure, lighting ratio, and color balance in photographs and film.  Place an 18% Photo Gray Card in a camera shot as a frame of color reference, then use its neutral gray color as a standard for in-camera white balancing or post-process white balancing.  When you use 18% Photo Gray Cards at the start of every shooting location and light source, it provides the simplest way to ensure all your pictures are perfectly colored and evenly balanced with each other.  No camera bag is complete without a set of 18% Photo Gray Cards.

Each set will come with a complete set of instructions on how to use the 18% Photo Gray Cards, and are protected in a clear zip poly bag.

18% Photo Gray Cards
Part Number
Set #1
(2) 8" x 10" cards
Set #2
(1) 8" x 10" & (2) 4" x 5" cards

Custom Business Card Sized Rules
Most cards will be made of .020tk White Styrene (though material can be anything from paper, to card stock, to plastic) and be 2" tall x 3.5" long. Back sides are good spots for private information and personal identification. Due to the nature of how customizable these cards are, we cannot provide a standard pricing chart. Please contact Oregon Rule Co, and we will build you a quote.
Fractional/Metric with 18% Photo Gray
Fractional/Metric with Blank Write-In Box
$0.80 each
$1.60 each
Fractional/Metric with 2.0 to 10.0mm Pupil Diameters
Options include: Different Colors, Private Labels, Card Material, Reflective, Glow-in-the-Dark, Magnetic, Holes, Corner Rounding, and Textures

Small Anthro Tape (Medical)

For use in the Forensics and Medical industries, consider our Anthropometric Tape Measures.  Anthropometry, meaning the measurement of humans, is important for documenting and classifying the sizes and lengths of human body parts.  These tape measures are pocket sized, use steel flexible tape, and are specifically printed to make accurate and clear readings.  Unlike most tape measures, this one is designed to start with an 8cm black buffer before the Zero Line.  What this does for the user is it gives them a space on the tape to hold onto at the low end that does not obstruct the reading of the measurement and keeps the end toggle from unnecessarily interfering.  The Anthropometric Tape Measure is labeled in centimeters (0-200cm) with graduation lines in millimeters.  ORC Forensics has these available in yellow only housings at this time.  Most of our customers request for these to feature their own private labeling, to resell them through their own business or for promotional uses.  Quantity discounts are available; call an ORC Forensics sales associate for details.

Anthro Tapes are individually boxed.
Smooth side is prime for adhesive private labels.
Part Number
1/4" wide, Millimeter graduations labeled per Centimeter, 200cm long, Left-to-Right reading, Yellow Casing
$18.00 each


Unlike “tachyons”, the hypothetical subatomic particle that moves faster than the speed of light, Tackyons are very real and barely move at all.  Tackyon particles, or pellets, are little sticky orbs that allow you to adhere rulers and other frame of references to surfaces, you can even keep them stationary on a ceiling overhead.  The adhesive properties are temporary; objects are removable and leave no residue or surface degradation.  But while these Tackyons are active, your forensic ruler or I.D. marker is not going anywhere, a complete inhibition of motion.  About 500 pellets fit into its small tube, which is a sealed bottle that you can easily carry with you to a crime scene or keep stored in a handy (and cool) location. 

To apply a Tackyon particle, gently squeeze and roll a pellet or two between a thumb and finger.  When they get a little mushy, press them flat and stick them on the back of a ruler.  It is up to the user to determine how many particles to use per object (and the pattern of spacing between Tackyons) as it varies greatly between applications and surface types.  Sticking a frame of reference near an object that needs to be analyzed provides a simple way to measure hands-free while photographing the point of interest.  A great feature of the Tackyon is its ability to be used over and over again many times, if you are gentle with them, so you can use tons of pellets and not feel like they are being wasted.  Each order of Tackyons comes in a 1 1/4” diameter by 2” tall clear plastic canister holding nearly 500 pellets.  Tackyon particles will last longer if they are kept away from heat, because pellets will relax when warmed up and revert back to their collective hive state.

Part Number
Single Canister, 500 Pellets
$4.00 each
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