Bruise Color Cards and Charts

Superficial Trauma Discoloration Cards

ORC Forensics’ Superficial Trauma Discoloration Cards (Bruise Color Cards) are unique and distinctive tools for investigators.  These handy guides, which were specifically designed for the forensic and medical markets, look similar to a color wheel and associate a number identity to various bruise colors.  The units are laminated and credit card sized, about 2 1/4” x 3 3/4”, so that they can easily be carried around in your pocket or be a practical fit in a tool kit.    

It is known that bruises change color over time in a predictable pattern, but this is for the scientists and researchers to figure out.  What we provide is the exact language for specific bruise colors so that a standard definition can be shared between people or departments.  Our STD™ Cards eliminate human interpretation in the description of bruise colors.  It is incredibly difficult to use just words to describe colors, as there are thousands of shades and thousands of options of descriptive words in our language.  The STD™ Cards’ number system is helpful in evening that playing field.

There are two card options to choose from, and buying a set gives you one of each.  The two cards offer shades of colors for either light skin tone or for darker skin tones.  Each card is double-sided with 24 color grades on each side, making 48 unique colors per card.  The cards are then used as a frame of reference to identify the human skin bruise color at a definite time.  Where “dark red” could mean a different color to several people, a “light skin tone #24” is an unambiguous answer to start to begin analysis.

For consistency, we have a specific recommendation to recording each number/color.  It is suggested to record each color number, i.e. “19”, along with the basic PCN and the “Color Matched Number” printed on the card, for example: #STD0520-070201-19. This gives you a traceable number back to ORC Forensics Standard Color Matched Certification System, which is a specifically designed for bruise color selection.  If a camera is available, we suggest taking pictures with both the bruise and the STD™ Card in frame to provide conclusive evidence.
Part Number
Light Skin Tone STD Card
$3.50 each
Dark Skin Tone STD Card
$3.50 each
Set, 1 each of Light Skin Tone STD Card and Dark Skin Tone STD Card
$5.95 a set

Bruise Color Charts

Also available are our Bruise Color Charts, which are basically larger versions of our STD™ Cards.  These charts measure approximately 6 1/8” x 3 7/8” and faithfully come in two versions like the their smaller counterparts, light skin tone and dark skin tone.  The colors and numbers on these charts are exactly the same as the STD™ Cards, so people with different models of the tool will still be precisely in sync.  The only major difference is that all 48-color grades (per model) are presented on a single side due to the Bruise Color Chart’s grander size.

Part Number
Light Skin Tone Bruise Color Chart
$3.75 each
Dark Skin Tone Bruise Color Chart
$3.75 each
Set, 1 each of Light Skin Tone Chart and Dark Skin Chart
$6.95 a set
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