Ovaltyne™ Circle Guide
At ORC Forensics we design tools for you to measure everything at a crime scene, from automobiles to fingernail clippings.  On the small end of things, we have created this see-thru Ovaltyne™ Circle Guide to easily read the diameters of little round bits of evidence like blood drops and bullet holes.  Originally part of a forensic medical kit we developed that helps measure everything on an x-ray print, we now provide these guides as individual units, sold as singles or in packages.
The two different styles of the Ovaltyne™ Circles Guides is based on the unit of measure that is standard in your work environment, either Metric or Fractional.  The Metric guide is our most popular option, which reads circle diameters in 1-millimeter increments, from 1mm to 30mm, with 1/2mm intermediate circles from 1 1/2mm to 9 1/2mm.  A basic ruler design is also printed on the top and bottom edges.  On this unit, the ruler is 15cm (1mm grads) and one edge reads left-to-right and the other reads right-to-left.  The Fractional version of this guide is incredibly similar and its increments read in 1/32” graduations (circles range from 1/32” to 1 1/4”) with a 6” rule on the top and bottom edges. 
The Ovaltyne™ Circle Guide’s functionality comes from its ability to overlay the grid onto circular or oval objects, peer through the tool, and receive accurate measurements that will not cause interference with the crime scene.  Each guide is made of .03 thick unbreakable plastic that is optically clear and features green print, which makes the numbers stand out and be readable against most backdrops.  Overall size the Ovaltyne™ Circle Guides (H x W) is 9.2cm x 16.2cm (or 3 5/8” x 6 3/8”), which makes it practical for putting in a kit or to carry around in your pocket.
Part Number
Reading Style
10 Pack
25 Pack
Individual units are packaged in clear poly bags; the 10 and 25 packs are bulk packed in boxes. 
Customizations and private labeling are available. Please contact an ORC Forensics sales associate for a quote.
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